Kremlin Spa

Kremlin is the newest MP along Quezon Avenue. It's operated by the same guys who brought us Air Force 1, Classmates and Flight 168 so it has some pedigree. The facade and facilities look great and its competitors simply pale in comparison. The showroom though needs a lot of improvement, for the price you would expect quality to be top-notch but unfortunately only a few really caught my eye. Recently, prices have gone down to 800 for basic room during promo hour to compete better with others so maybe I'll try this out next time.


Promo Hours (Opening to 7:00 PM)

Deluxe: P800; Tip: P1,500
VIP: P1,500; Tip: P1,500

Regular Hours (7:00 PM to Closing)

Deluxe: P1,000; Tip: P1,500
VIP: P2,000; Tip: P2,000

Deluxe & VIP: P1,000 Tip: P1,500

Room duration: 75 minutes

Address: 1008 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City (Beside Classmates)
Contact Number: 411-5333 / 415-2777 / 376-6936 / 376-6937

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