Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Sauna

No other spa can beat Happy Sauna in terms of bang-for-buck. The only problem with this place is that there's no showroom from where you can choose your attendant.

In exchange of a showroom, each girl is assigned a number. Then, you can pick one of the numbers (each representing a girl) in the reception counter. If the girl is already taken, you won't see her number in the reception counter. Though this system may be crude, it works and makes sure that each girl gets an equal share of customers.

But thanks to the internet, Happy Sauna patrons no longer have to play russian roulette every time they visit this place, because they can just exchange the numbers of the girls who give great service and which numbers to stay away from, effectively rendering the numbering system obsolete. I'm sure that there are other reasons why there is no aquarium, such as the supposed presence of an ordinance banning aquariums and to at least make this look a little like a legit spa.


Room: 500

Tip: 500

Address: E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Cubao, Quezon City
Operating Hours: 12PM to 5AM

Pogi Points:


Anonymous said...

ganun pa rin ba rates dto? enge naman ng tip cno ok na attendant dto? anong number?

Anonymous said...

tang inang # 55 yan, ang yabang, kala mo kung cno makaasta, wag nyong kunin yan, magsisisi kayo...

Anonymous said...

600 na ditto , kung wala kang suki e swerte lang may makuha kang mabait at marunong magmassage.
depende din sa thera kung papayag magpa es sa budget mo .pero huwag kang papayag sa 1000 sobra ng taas na iyon.
siguro 600-800 pwede pa.