Flight 168

Flight 168 is the massage parlor arm of the high-class KTV, Air Force One, which is located on the top floor while this one is on the basement. These guys also own Classmates and Kremlin on Quezon Avenue.

Parking is very abundant as this place has its own parking area. There are three tiers of rooms available which are appropriately called Economy, Business and First Class. There are also two tiers of girls here so make sure to check them out both.

This size of this place is also impressive compared to other massage parlors. Overall, you can either go here or at the Starfleet nearby but either way, I'm sure you'll be going home very happy and relaxed.


Promo Hour (Before 7:00 PM)

Economy Class: P800 Tip: P1,000
Business Class: P1,500
First Class: P2,800

Regular Hour (7:00 PM to 3:00 AM)

Economy Class: P1,000 Tip: P1,200
Business Class: P2,000
First Class: P3,500

Tip: Room Rate (unless stated otherwise)

Address: 888 Ninoy Aquino Ave. ParaƱaque City
(Located inside Air Force One KTV)
Contact Number: 820-7273 (Local No. 2) / 820-1928

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